Top 30 Popular Hebrew Baby Boy Names

Top 30 Popular Hebrew Baby Boy Names

Discover the most popular Hebrew boy names of 2017

As the language of the first Bibles, Hebrew appears frequently as the origin of top baby names; after all many of us choose names that appeared in the Bible, whether we know it or not. So it’s not surprising that some of the most popular baby names come from Hebrew originally.

For example, one of the very top names for baby boys comes from Hebrew: Noah, which means ‘comfort’ or ‘rest.’ Of course we all know this old name from the Bible story of Noah and the ark, and it’s still a favorite of parents. Other popular baby boy names that are from Hebrew include Elijah, Benjamin, and Jacob.

Don’t forget to check out our list of the top 30 names for boys so far this year. It’s updated regularly through our unique relationship with more than 1,500 U.S. hospitals. And also take a look at the most popular top 30 Hebrew names for girls, if you’re not sure what you’re having!

Nr. Name Origin Gener
1 Noah Hebrew boy
2 Elijah Hebrew boy
3 James Hebrew boy
4 Ethan Hebrew boy
5 Jacob Hebrew boy
6 Michael Hebrew boy
7 Matthew Hebrew boy
8 Benjamin Hebrew boy
9 Daniel Hebrew boy
10 Jayden Hebrew boy
11 Joseph Hebrew boy
12 David Hebrew boy
13 Gabriel Hebrew boy
14 Isaiah Hebrew boy
15 Joshua Hebrew boy
16 Samuel Hebrew boy
17 Mateo Hebrew boy
18 Josiah Hebrew boy
19 John Hebrew boy
20 Nathan Hebrew boy
21 Isaac Hebrew boy
22 Levi Hebrew boy
23 Aaron Hebrew boy
24 Caleb Hebrew boy
25 Jeremiah Hebrew boy
26 Eli Hebrew boy
27 Jonathan Hebrew boy
28 Jordan Hebrew boy
29 Ezekiel Hebrew boy
30 Asher Hebrew boy
source: mom365

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