Top 30 Baby Names of 2018

Top 30 Baby Names of 2018

Here are the current Top 30 US baby girl and boy names!

There’s really no reason to wait until the new year to see the most popular baby names of the year. We know the top baby names of 2018 already (well, so far anyway!).

Being the photography partner of more than 1,500 U.S. hospitals has its advantages. We receive baby name data from these hospitals every day, and use it to update this list. So when a new baby girl Emma arrives in Savannah, we’re some of the first people to know about it.

The lists here show the most popular baby names of this year, as of today! It doesn’t get more up to date than that… and when it comes to choosing a baby name, sometimes you want to know the very latest in name popularity and trends. Whether you want a baby name that’s on the top of the charts, or prefer a name that’s less trendy, this list should be your go-to guide.

Whatever you discover, this list is worth a look. Only interested in a boy name? Want to see the girls names separately? You can do that too! Check out the lists of Top Boys Names of 2018 and Top Girls Names of 2018 to see the names listed by gender.

Top 30 Baby Names

Rank Name Origin
1. Emma Latin
2. Liam German
3. Noah Hebrew
4. Olivia Latin
5. Ava Hebrew
6. Isabella Hebrew
7. Sophia Greek
8. Elijah Hebrew
9. Logan Celtic
10.  Mia Latin
11.    Mason French
12.    James Hebrew
13.    Aiden Celtic
14.    Ethan Hebrew
15.    Lucas Latin
16.    Jacob Hebrew
17.    Michael Hebrew
18.    Matthew Hebrew
19.    Benjamin Hebrew
20.    Amelia Hebrew
21.    Charlotte Norse
22.    Alexander Greek
23.    William German
24.    Daniel Hebrew
25.    Jayden Hebrew
26.    Oliver German
27.    Carter English
28.    Sebastian German
29.    Joseph Hebrew
30.    David Hebrew

source: mom365

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