30 Beautiful Baby Names That Mean “Blessing”

30 Beautiful Baby Names That Mean "Blessing"

Each baby is a little miracle — a new life that has entered into the world. For parents, having a baby that they can watch learn and grow is the biggest blessing they can experience. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

It’s a feeling and appreciation that’ll never go away, no matter how old your baby gets. That’s why choosing a name that honors your love and gratitude for your miracle baby is a wonderful and thoughtful idea. Miracles and blessings are sentiments that span across cultures and throughout time, therefore the name options are rich and varied, and there’s bound to be one that speaks directly to you.

Still deciding on a name for your miracle baby? Here are beautiful names that mean “miracle” and “blessing.”

1. Sena
Meaning: this world’s beauty or grace; army; to praise; bringing heaven to earth
Origin: Korean; Hindi; Arabic; African
2. Asher
Meaning: fortunate, blessed, happy one
Origin: Hebrew
3. Behati
Meaning: bless, she who brings happiness
Origin: Afrikaans version of Beatrice
4. Loreto
Meaning: miraculous
Origin: Italian
5. Tiffany
Meaning: God’s appearance
Origin: Greek
6. Barack
Meaning: blessing
Origin: Arabic
7. Miriam
Meaning: wished-for child
Origin: Hebrew
8. Matthew
Meaning: gift of God
Origin: Hebrew
9. Gwyneth
Meaning: blessed, happy
Origin: Welsh
10. Jonathan
Meaning: gift of Jehovah
Origin: Hebrew
11. Karishma
Meaning: miracle
Origin: Sanskrit
12. Wyn
Origin: blessed, holy boy
Origin: Welsh
13. Sachi
Meaning: bliss-child
Origin: Japanese
14. Jesse
Meaning: gift
Origin: Hebrew
15. Jane
Meaning: God is gracious
Origin: English
16. Alzane
Meaning: miracle
Origin: Basque
17. Ayah
Meaning: miracle
Origin: Arabic
18. Benedict
Meaning: blessed boy
Origin: Latin
19. Winifred
Meaning: blessed peacemaking
Origin: Welsh
20. Bennett
Meaning: little blessed one
Origin: Latin
21. Pelia
Meaning: miracle of God
Origin: Hebrew
22. Ejaz
Meaning: miracle
Origin: Muslim
23. Marvella
Meaning: miracle
Origin: French
24. Adom
Meaning: God’s blessing
Origin: African
25. Marvel
Meaning: miracle
Origin: French
26. Carwyn
Meaning: blessed love
Origin: Welsh
27. Dorothea
Meaning: gift of God
Origin: Greek
28. Blazh
Meaning: sweet, pleasant, blessed
Origin: Slavic
29. Beata
Meaning: blessed
Origin: Swedish, German, Italian, from Latin
30. Daliso
Meaning: gift of God
Origin: African

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