24 Baby Names That Are For The Birds … Or At Least Inspired By Them

24 Baby Names That Are For The Birds … Or At Least Inspired By Them

SHARE Scary Mommy, Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Getty and enrico nironi/Reshot Don’t let frustration over baby naming ruffle your feathers — your inspiration could be as close as the treetops! We’re talking about bird names for babies (that go beyond “Robin”). From actual names of actual birds, to words that mean “bird” in other languages, to famous birds from myths and legends, these bird names encompass everything we love about our fine feathered friends.

1. Aderyn This one is literally the Welsh word for “bird”— but its lyrical sound and close proximity to popular names like Addison and Adelyn (and the potential for the nickname “Addie”) makes it an adorable name too. Its actual Welsh pronunciation is closer to ah-DAIR-en, with emphasis on the middle syllable, but no one would fault you if you pronounced it like Adelyn-with-an-R.

2. Enara Speaking of non-English words that make good names, Enara falls squarely into that category, and into the bird category too; it means “swallow” (as in the bird, not the bodily function) in Basque. Another option is the Spanish version, Ainara.

3. Phoenix Possibly the most famous mythological bird, the immortal Phoenix — native to Greek and Egyptian mythology — was said to be …

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