15 Cute Girl Names You’ll Want to Give Your Daughter

Cute Girl Names

Picking out baby names can be stressful. There are just way too many to choose from! Do you go for meaningful, biblical, or maybe honor your heritage? How about you keep it simple and give her a name that’s just gosh darn cute instead.

  1. Annabelle

This name means “loving” in French and has an old, charming feel. It actually started rising in popularity back in 1995 and reached its peak position of 57 in 2014.

  1. Emma

Emma has been on the top five most popular baby girl names list in the United States since 2002, according to the Social Security Administration. The cute name means “universal” in German.

  1. Allison

Allison, a derivative of Alice, means “noble” in Scottish. Get ready for one trustworthy little girl!

  1. Mia

Mia means “mine” in Italian. Are you melting yet? That is just too cute.

  1. Rose

Rose has slowly been climbing in popularity, reaching number 141 in 2017. The pretty name takes after the sweet-smelling flower that is used in many romantic moments. She’ll definitely be full of love.

  1. Paige

Although Paige has fallen in popularity since the early 2000s, the adorable name has history behind it. The moniker means “page to a lord” in Old English, so clearly she’s going to be a hard worker.

  1. Madeline

An English variation of Magdalen, Madeline opens up your daughter to endless possibilities for cute nicknames as she grows older: Maddy, Mads, Linny, and the list goes on.

  1. Olivia

This name has Latin roots and means “olive tree.” It’s perfect for a middle child, because she’ll be the peacekeeper between her two siblings.

  1. Elle

The name Elle comes from the French origin meaning “she” — and if she’s anything like the impressive Elle from Legally Blonde, then she’s pretty special.

  1. Chloe

If you come from a tall family, this name is the perfect fit. Chloe means “young green shoot” in Greek, which refers to new plant growth in the springtime. She’ll be sprouting in no time!

  1. Taylor

Do you see a fashion-forward baby in your future? Taylor means “tailor” (as in the occupation) in Old English, so you better teach her how to sew when she’s young.

  1. Savannah

In Spanish, Savannah means “flat tropical grassland,” but many also attribute the name with the popular southern city of Savannah, Georgia. Either way, this name will definitely make you smile.

  1. Lily

Lily dropped down to number 33 in 2017 on the top baby girl names chart for the U.S., but the popular moniker inspired by the sweetest, gentlest flower is still cuter than ever.

  1. Sophia

A close contender to Emma, Sophia has ranked on the top 10 baby girl names list since 2006. The name means “wisdom” in Greek, so if you plan on raising a bookworm, it’s a great name choice.

  1. Natalie

You might be surprised to hear that Natalie is a religious name. It means “birthday of the Lord” (think Christmas) in French. If you have a December baby coming your way, this cutie is a winner.

source: redbookmag

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