15 Adorable Irish Girl Names

Adorable Irish Girl Names
Finding the perfect baby name is no easy task. But one way to make it easier is to pick a place or meaning that’s special to you and your partner to help you narrow down the options. In this mix of Irish baby girl names you’ll definitely find your four leaf clover.


Kerry comes from the name of an Irish county, which is called “Ciarraí” in Irish Gaelic.


McKenna comes from the Irish meaning “son of the handsome one.” So even though she’s a girl, you can twist the meaning to give Daddy a sweet compliment.


The Irish form of Helen, Aileen, means “bright, shining light.” A perfect name for the new star in your life.


If you’re a family that loves travel and adventure, Sheridan is practically made for the new addition to your clan. The name means “searcher,” which is exactly what you’ll teach her to do.


Because your new little one is sure to bring a sweet, calming presence into your life, name her Alaina, which means “harmony” in Irish.


If you want to raise a little dreamer who always has her head in the clouds, name your daughter Niall, which means “cloud” in Irish.


Quinn has a unique meaning. The moniker means “descendent of Conn,” but Conn actually means “chief” in Irish Gaelic — so your little Quinn is destined to be a leader.


If you’re ready to raise a powerful woman, Riley is the name for your little girl. The moniker means “courageous” in Irish.


Pay homage to Ireland without naming her after the country itself with the moniker Erin. It’s the Anglicized form of Éireann, which is the genitive case of Gaelic Éire, meaning “Ireland.”


Maybe you love the movie Lady Bird for the actress Saoirse Ronan, or maybe you just love her name, but Saoirse means “liberty” in Irish.


Get ready, Bridget is coming and she’s not taking no for an answer. The name means “strength or exalted one,” and in Irish mythology Bridget was the name of the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom.


It’s a girl! Which means there’s only one reasonable name: Colleen, which comes from the Irish word cailín and means “girl.” How cute?


Devin’s going to be a poet, and she doesn’t even know it — mostly because her name actually means “poet” in Irish, of course.


Rory was the name of the last high king of Ireland, and also means “red king.” If you want to raise a leader, this name is your best bet.

source: redbookmag

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