15 Adorable Irish Boy Names

Irish Boy Names

If you’ve been searching high and low for the perfect Irish name for a boy, congratulations — you’ve officially reached the end of the rainbow. These options are full of Gaelic charm.


Have a little ginger on your hands? Clancy means “red-headed warrior” in Irish — and what’s a better fit than that?


If your kiddo is bound to be a social butterfly, the name Daly — which comes from “Dalaigh” and means “frequenter of gatherings” — is always a good choice.


Meaning “courageous and valiant,” any fearless tot is worthy of the name Riley.


Aiden — which means “born of fire” — is all too fitting for a child who has a serious zest for life.


The name Brady has a simple meaning: “broad island.” And hopefully that means taking care of him will be as easy as chillin’ in the tropics.


You can’t go wrong with a classic Irish name like Patrick (especially when it means “nobly born.”)


No one will mess with a cutie named Charlie: it means “a great warrior” and was one of the most popular names in Ireland during the Middle Ages.


Expecting a little smarty pants? Quinn means “intelligent.” For centuries, those with the last name were the ones in charge of both war and peace in the country.


Meaning “high, noble, and strong,” parents originally started naming their kids Brian after the High King of Ireland, Brian Boru, who once defeated an army of Viking invaders.


Colin comes from the name “Coilin,” which means “little chieftan” — aka a very powerful member of a group.


Keane actually comes from the name “Cian,” which means “ancient and enduring.” In fact, remember King Brian Boru? Cian was his son-in-law.


Who would have guessed that the name Owen originally came from “Eoghan”? It means “born of the yew tree.”


The name Ronan’s meaning is so cute it’s aww-worthy: “little seal.”


Connor will thank you every day that you didn’t go with “Conchobhar,” the long name it originates from. Either way, it means “lover of hounds,” so you better get this boy a dog.


Sean — meaning “gracious gift” — will be exactly that to your family.

source: redbookmag

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